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Temecula Property Management | San Diego Property Management
Full Service Real Estate Company

Full Service Real Estate Company

Full Service Real Estate Company

Are you interested in buying or selling a home? Interested in purchasing an investment property?

Christine Kankowski is an experienced Realtor who takes pride in assisting her clients reach their real estate goals. If you would like to buy or sell your home, or just want some information, please give Christine a call at (858) 442-5149.

San Diego Property Management Services Temecula Property Management

Property Management Services

Tired of the headaches that come with managing your own rental property?

We offer complete property management services to ensure that property owners are able to make a profit from their properties without having to spend a lot of time managing the day-to-day tasks such as repairs, maintenance and tenant relations.

We offer real estate and property management services in the following cities:

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San Diego Property Management, Real Estate, and Investing News

Top Reasons Renter’s Insurance is Essential for you!

             As a renter, you do need to think about financially protecting your assets. Here are a few reasons it is essential for you. 1. After a flood, disaster, vandalism, fire, windstorm, etc that ruins the property that you are renting, the owners insurance will repair the damage to the property, but not to your assets like your furniture, wardrobe, or electronics. 2. Renters insurance … [Read More...]

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Spring is on its way and typically the real estate market get much more active. The spring / summer real estate market generally yields the highest prices for those selling their home, but there is also increased competition with more home listings available for buyers. This means it’s absolutely critical that you are prepared for the spring real estate market so you can knock out your … [Read More...]

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate?

I READ THIS ARTICLE AND THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH SHARING! Why You Should Invest in Real Estate, by Mark Kohler, CPA – From Entrepreneur Magazine As entrepreneurs find success with their primary business ventures, many search for the proper investments for their profits. Of course, we can and should all start traditional tax preferred vehicles like an IRA and 401k. These are the bedrock of good … [Read More...]

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Full Service Property Management

Our Property Management Service Includes: