If you own 3 or more properties, you receive
full management services for just $100 flat fee per unit, per month!!! This includes:

Multiple Property Owner Management Plan

What does House Match offer in this program?

  • •$100 Per Month Management Fee 
  • •50% Leasing Fee 
  • •Self Showing Lock boxes, Marketing Videos, Detailed Inspections
  • •We handle HOA Violation Management, Utility Management, & Insurance Claims
  • Repair Coordination Included

Many Guarantees

• Satisfaction Guarantee

• 21 Day Rental Guarantee

• On Time Rent Guarantee

• Precise Statements Guarantee

• Pet Damage Guarantee Up to $1000

• 12 Month Leasing Guarantee

• $1500 Eviction Protection Guarantee


Take a look at a detailed list of what we offer in our Multiple Property Owner Plans below!

Service Plan

Multiple Property Owner Plans 


Leasing Commission – Finding New Tenants

Half Month’s Rent

Lease Renewals


Listing property on the MLS ($300 Agent referral fee included)

Account Start Up

Property Listing on 100 Sites (Zillow, Trulia and many more)

Marketing Photos

Self Showing Lockboxes

Tenant Applications & Screening

Online Rent Payment Collection

Monthly E-mail Statement

Year End Statement

Code Compliance on Rental Laws

Required Tenant Liability Insurance 100k

Owner Payments ACH / Bank Transfer

Marketing Video ($100 Value)

Detailed Move-In Inspection (400+ Photos $250 Value)

End of Lease Photo Inspection ($250 Value)

Managing Repairs

Court / Hearing Appearances

HOA Violation Management

Oversee Insurance Claim

Annual Tax Preparation (January)

Utility Account Management 

Satisfaction Guarantee

21 Day Rental Guarantee

On Time Rent Guarantee

Precise Statements Guarantee

Pet Damage Guarantee Up to $1000

12 Month Leasing Guarantee

$1500 Eviction Protection Guarantee

Exterior Property Assessment – ($35 Value)

3 per Year

Interior Property Assessment – ($150 Value)

1 per Year

Home Warranty Repair Management

$30 per incident